Violins, Vuillaume

A Great French Violin Maker of the 19th Century (1798-1875)

Collection : Catalogues d’exposition
Date de parution : octobre 1998
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The catalogue of the exhibition goes back over Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume's career, the French instrument maker, emblematic of the spirit of invention and interprise of the nineteenth century

Table des matières

Foreword, Brigitte Marger

Beyond a first temporary exhibition, Marie-France Calas

The Soul of an instrument maker flown from Mirecourt, Jeanne Villeneuve

Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, the whale of instrument making, Emmanuel Jaeger

The French Stradivarius, Étienne Vatelot

Round table on Vuillaume, Emmanuel Jaeger

Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume: a success story, Sylvette Milliot

Savart and Vuillaume, Thierry Maniguet

Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume: innovator or conservationist?, Malou Haine

Bowed instruments during Vuillaume's time: teaching, technique and interpretation, Anne Penesco

Music in Paris during Vuillaume's time. Pages from an album, Philippe Blay

Delphin Alard: violonist, teacher and composer, Anne Penesco

The French market for musical instruments during Vuillaume's time: first steps, Florence Gétreau

Copies and pastiches in the decorative arts, Philippe Thiébaut

Vuillaume and the first violin makers, Karel Moens

About repetitive decorations and their instrumental supports, Jeanne Villeneuve




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